5 Reasons Why Gift Cards Can Be the Best Gift for the Holidays

One of the most common misconceptions about giving a gift cards is that they are too impersonal. However, for Gail, our best friend in beauty, a gift card is the most personal present there is. Here are the 5 reasons why: 

  1. Gift Cards will help you ensure the receiver will love the gift 

By giving a gift card, you are giving the gift of freedom to the recipients to buy whatever they want, whenever they want it. Gift cards are also ideal if you are buying for in-laws or families that you don’t know that well. 

  1. You can save money and time

If you are purchasing gifts for a lot of people, you can budget a dollar amount for each card. It saves you the time shopping for each person. It is also more economical for you. Many stores give incentives during the holidays for gift card purchases. Some give smaller gift cards with a larger purchase.

Also, you don’t have to wrap the gift. You can just put the gift card in a personalized envelope or gift it as is as some gift cards are already designed for the Holiday.

  1. They never have to be returned

Returning gifts can be a headache, especially right after the holidays when customer service lines are backed up to the entrance of the store. When you give a gift card that is practically cash, you are allowing the recipient to choose the perfect gift for him/herself. This means you can never be wrong with the gift and you never have to return it. 

  1. You can buy gifts easier and even at home

With the COVID-19 threat still on plus the expected long queues in all stores, buying gift cards is more convenient as you can do it online. 

  1. They make gift giving and receiving more fun

It’s always nice to know that you are giving something that loved ones will enjoy picking out for themselves. Aside from the physical gift, you are also giving the person the chance to decide on their own. No one has ever been disappointed in receiving a gift card. 


Invigorate Spa offers a gift card that you can share with your loved ones. You can purchase both physical gift cards or e-gift cards through our website or through our spa.

The good thing about giving an Invigorate Spa Gift Card is you are giving the gift of pampering and wellness to your loved ones as these gift cards can be used to purchase services or products from us.

Also, since it’s the Holiday, we are also giving a special offer to those who will avail of our gift cards. 

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