Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours’ notice for all cancelled appointments. Failure to cancel your appointment in that time frame results in a $25 Late Cancellation Fee that is applied to your account. This fee offsets the unrecoverable time revenues lost associated with your appointment. Going forward, if you would like to make another appointment after the first no show, we require payment of the late cancellation fee prior to your next appointment.

Late Arrival Policy

Please arrive on time to your scheduled appointment.  Late arrivals cause schedule delays for those clients who arrive promptly at their appointment time. Late arrivals will be worked into the schedule if time allows, service will be cut short or re-booked to another day. If late arrivals need to reschedule to another day, they will be charged 25% of the service fee(s).

Refund Policy

Clients can return products and get a full refund under these guidelines:

  • Unopened items within one month purchase
  • Allergic reaction with picture proving of the allergic reaction
  • Clients cannot return products for any reasons other than the ones above
  • All clearance products sales are final