Learn How Organic Facials and other treatments can benefit you

Organic Facial Treatment Pricing

Why Eminence Organic facials?

Eminence Facials are a raw food diet for the skin made from fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices; that are active organic results oriented concentrates, designed to cleanse, calm, firm and brighten the skin.

Why should you get organic facials instead of regular facials?

What you put on your skin is what you feed to your skin, which is why we suggest people use chemical free skincare products. Organic facials use all-natural ingredients to achieve the same effect as regular facials, while being better for your body.

What’s Gua Sha Facial Massage?

Gua Sha technique is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, your qi or energy must flow throughout your body. When qi becomes stagnant in certain areas, it’s believed that health problems can occur. With Gua Sha, it moves lymphatic fluids and breaks down tension in muscles. That means improved blood flow and less puffiness. The increase in circulation is said to up hydration for that coveted youthful glow, and it even helps the skin to naturally purge blemish-causing dirt and oils.


The Benefits of Gua Sha:

- Stimulates circulation

- Helps produce collagen

- Softens fine lines and wrinkles

- Decreases puffiness

- Decreases inflammation

- Diminishes dark circles

- Temporarily tightens skin

- Brightens complexion

- Sculpts facial muscles

- Releases tightness