Lighten your Tattoo with Saline Pigment (tattoo) Removal

What is Saline Pigment Removal?

Saline pigment (tattoo) removal or lightening is the process of using a salt solution; it’s very safe and highly effective. This procedure is for both cosmetic and conventional body tattoos.

You would feel a little to no pain during this procedure. Topical anesthetic would be used to numb the treating area before the procedure, and then the technician would work on the skin with the saline solution. This process would make the saline and the pigment come out to the surface of the skin, it will form a scab. The tattoo would be lighter after the scab has fallen off. However, the result can’t be guaranteed due to every tattoo being different. The result depends on the age of the tattoo, how much and how deep the pigment was implanted into the skin, what type of pigment, and the thickness of the skin. A tattoo might need 1 to 6 removal procedures on average.

Who are non-candidates?

Although this saline removal is very safe, we don’t work on pregnant or nursing women just as a precaution.

Important Info

Please be sure you have thoroughly read and understand of the healing process of this removal procedure prior to scheduling a removal appointment.

How much does it cost?

Treatment area 1” x 1” square of pigment $150*

* except eyeliner and lip, which are not offered.