Everything About Brow/Lash Tinting

Brow or lash tinting can provide more definition to your eyebrows or eyelashes by darkening the hairs. This can help accentuate your facial features and frame your eyes, creating a more polished look. Tinted brows can eliminate the need for daily brow makeup application, saving you time in your daily beauty routine. This is especially beneficial for individuals with lighter or sparse eyebrow hair who would normally use pencils or powders to fill them in. Brow tinting can be customized to achieve the desired color and intensity. It’s suitable for people with both light and dark hair, and a skilled esthetician can help you choose the right shade to complement your overall appearance. For those with graying eyebrow hairs, tinting can effectively cover the gray strands, providing a more youthful appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s brow or lash tinting?

Brow and lash tinting is a cosmetic procedure that involves applying a semi-permanent dye to the eyebrows to enhance their color and shape.

How long does it take?

The procedure typically takes no more than 30 minutes.

Can I still wear mascara after a lash tinting?

Yes, you can! After waiting 24 hours, you will achieve an even more dramatic effect when mascara is appalled to your tinted lashes. 

 Does lash tinting hurt?

It’s typically painless, some individuals may experience a mild sensation or discomfort if the tint comes in contact with the skin around the eyes, we would raise the eyes immediately to stop the discomfort.

What do I need to prep for lash tinting?

Please do not wear ANY eye makeup to your appointment.

How long does brow or lash tinting last?

On average, brow or lash tinting typically lasts around 4 to 6 weeks. 

Brow tinting procedure steps:

Step 1: Picking out the right color 

Your esthetician will pick out a color that’s best for your skin tone and hair color to achieve the look you want.

Step 2: Prepare the hairs 

Your esthetician will clean the treating area if it’s needed. 

Step 3: Application and removal

Your esthetician will carefully apply the tint on your brows depending on your desired area. The esthetician will check the brows throughout the process, the dye will be removed once the hairs have turned to the desired color, which it’s anywhere from a minute to 10 minutes.