Microblading eyebrows has become one of the latest buzzwords in eyebrow enhancements. People are always looking for ways to enhance the visual appearance of their brows. It’s even started to trend more through social media and word-of-mouth advertising. But why is microblading so popular? And is it right for you?

How does the procedure work?

The microblading technique creates hair-like strokes that help make an eyebrow’s shape look vivid but natural. Because it mimics the look of real hair, many people don’t even realize that microblading is a type of  tattoo. However, it differs from a traditional tattoo.  The ink from traditional tattoos generally travels down to the dermis layer of the skin while microblading only goes down to the stratum basale layer of the epidermis — which is the bottom layer of the epidermis.

The ink in the epidermis doesn’t stay as long in the dermis. As a result, microblading doesn’t last as long as the traditional tattoo. The advantage is that as eyebrow trends change the customer isn’t stuck with their microblading eyebrows.

How long do microblading eyebrows last?

Microblading eyebrows generally  last from 18 months to 2 years on most people. Yearly color boost is recommended to keep them look good.

Is the microblading procedure difficult?

Microblading only requires a unique hand instrument with a small row of very fine needles. It doesn’t use an electrical machine like a traditional tattoo does. Microblading is a type of art.  Everybody’s face is different and every eyebrow is unique in some way. It requires time and a certain skillset to get the eyebrows to fit and look great on individual’s face.

Is microblading expensive?

While microblading does cost more than some brow procedures, there is a misconception that the cost of microblading eyebrows is overly expensive. However, when weighed against the time saved to the client and the cost of other cosmetics, microblading can prove to be a great investment.

Is it painful?

This question is asked a lot. Numbing cream is standard and used during the procedure. However, individual experience varies because of differences in body physiology and tolerances to numbing cream. Most clients have described the sensation as small cat scratches, some have fallen asleep during the procedure and some clients think it is painful.

Here are some real customer testimonials:

“This is the best few hundred dollars I have even spent.”

“I don’t have to draw my brows in the morning anymore, I save so much time.”

“My brows are finally even.” “I love my new brows, I love the shape.”

Some of our clients have even been in joyful tears, because they were so happy about their new eyebrows. Microblading can help someone with very little or no eyebrow have natural, beautifully shaped eyebrows. The question is ultimately how important eyebrows are to you?

Invigorate continues to help clients with microblading eyebrows build their own self-confidence and enhance how they look and feel.

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