When it’s Dark Down There: Reasons why Skin Around Intimate Parts of your Body Are Darker than the Rest

You may have noticed that your intimate areas are a little darker than the rest of the body. Though this sometimes can be a cause of concern for some of us, don’t panic because we are here to decode the common reasons why darkening happens. 

1. Friction

Excessive rubbing in one area causes discoloration and inflammation to the skin, which is known as hyper-friction.  Over time this ongoing process deteriorates the epidermis causing the skin to become hard and dark. Also, very tight clothing can also cause darkness, especially in parts where the body parts are being rubbed together such as the underarm and thighs. 

2. Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes can affect melanin and the color of our skin. For example, due to severe hormonal changes in pregnant women, somebody parts tend to get darker during pregnancy. 

3. Frequent Sweating

The waste products found in sweat can change the skin’s color and texture over time.

4. Age

As we get older, the skin does not only change in elasticity and texture but in color, as well. This can cause certain areas of the body to darken.

5. Ventilation

Since our intimate areas are our most private body parts, we cover them with fabric all the time, every day. Doing this does not allow much air to pass through our genitals which can also cause our skin color to change. 

6. Shaving

Shaving with a razor can sometimes lead to irritation of the dermis, activating the melanin cells, and that in turn may cause skin darkening. Also, using shaving creams can also cause darkening due to the many chemicals that can be found in the cream.

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